Turn a traditional round pencil into something special with custom printing. Promotional round pencils are a fun way to advertise any event. High quantities at a low cost make custom printed pencils great give aways.

Use a custom printed hex pencil to promote your business. Imprinting a hex pencil with the company brand makes a cost effective advertisement that will be used for weeks by customers that receive them.

Reach out to a niche market with custom printed carpenter pencils. Give these promotional pencils out to draftsmen, architects, contruction workers, etc. to make a strong impact.

Add some fun and a touch of color with custom printed mood pencils. Your promotional pencil will when the color changes in the hand of your customers hand.

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Why Get Custom Printed Pencils?

Getting promotional pencils for a marketing campaign can add a lot to it without a large expense. Custom printed pencils are a useful advertisment that have longevity with the customer, unlike a traditional media. With 4 different styles and a wide variety of colors you can create a promotional pencil that matches your company brand.

Custom printed pencils can be great advertisements for any business. They are cost effective because of their low cost for large quantities and longevity with the customer. Give your promotional pencils away at trade shows, conventions, conferences, parades, rallies, fundraisers, and more. People can always use an extra pencil especially a free pencil. Unlike traditional flyers and brochure advertisments pencils are less likely to be discarded due their usefulness. With a pencil you can be sure that your business will be seen again.